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JNBS gives Sav Source

Published:Friday | October 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM


JAMAICA'S GOVERNOR general, Sir Patrick Allen, is batting for more public-private partnerships, arguing that initiatives of that nature will create greater opportunities for the future generation.

Giving the keynote address at last week's official launch of the Source, a social enterprise franchise under the umbrella of the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS), in Savanna-la-Mar, the governor general said partnership are key components in the drive for success

"Partnerships between public- and private-sector bodies on initiatives such as this one are essential for the development of our country," declared Sir Patrick.

"The partnerships that brought this Source into being, speak to what is right about Jamaica."

The project is funded by JN Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of National Security's Citizens, Security and Justice Programme, the Digicel Foundation, the Universal Access Fund and the Sugar Transformation Unit and the Y's Menettes and the Y's Men's Club.

"Nobody should be under the illusion that the Government can grow this country by itself," noted the governor general. "This is not only because of the difficult economic situation in which we find ourselves. It is an aspect of a mature democracy and a feature of corporate social responsibility."

"I believe that the Source's objectives will bring more and more people to develop positive self-esteem, lose their negative attitude and believe in themselves," Sir Patrick added.

The Source Savanna-la-Mar, as the project is known, is the fifth and largest in a chain of social-enterprise resource centres to provide access to information, technology and communication. The Source Savanna-la-mar, which is also referred to as, 'The Super Source', will serve the communities of Russia, Seaton Crescent, Barracks and Grotto.

Resident-led community

The project, which is a resident-led community enterprise, is currently in three other parishes, St Andrew, St Ann and St Elizabeth.

"The Source Savanna-la-Mar will enhance learning, increase employment and reduce negative activities among young people and adults," said Earl Jarrett, general manager, JNBS. "It will stimulate the economy within the community and provide viable businesses and harmonious inter-personal relationships."

The Savanna-la-Mar facility consists of a training and events auditorium, computer lab, media library, document centre, Internet café, health-food café, recording studio, and an amphitheatre for the performing arts.