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Peter Tosh celebrations to benefit estate, charities

Published:Sunday | October 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Peter Tosh
Peter Tosh

Celebrations planned to mark a number of milestones in the Peter Tosh legacy, will be highlighted by a star-studded concert on Thursday, October 18 at the Pulse Centre, Studio 38, beginning at 8 p.m.

The celebrations consist firstly of the posthumous award of the Order of Merit to Tosh this National Heroes Day, October 15, followed by a private reception in his honour immediately after the ceremony. They then culminate with the concert on October 18, which will flow into his birthday celebrations at midnight, October 19.

The Tosh events are presented by the Peter Tosh Estate and Pulse. Pulse has had a long and historic relationship with Tosh and his legacy.

Tosh's last concert performance before his untimely death was at Pulse's Superjam. Pulse has long held the rights to the video of that concert, some of which will be shown during the period of the celebrations.

The October 18 concert will wholly benefit the Peter Tosh estate and related charities, along with the planned Peter Tosh Museum.

Original Wailer

The late great Peter Tosh is an original Wailer and one of the greatest reggae artists of all time. One third of the group that also included Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer, his many achievements are a critical part of Jamaica's musical history. He is revered by many as probably the most radical revolutionary ever to be produced by Jamaica's musical culture.

His struggles for equal rights and justice, one of the themes of several of his songs, as well as his campaign for the legalisation of marijuana, are just two of the ideas he promoted many years ago, long before these were popular concepts.

Another was his early opposition to apartheid, refusing to perform in Israel, due to that country's links with South Africa at the time.

On his final tour in support of one of his biggest albums, Mama Africa, which spawned the hit single Johnny B Good, Tosh finally conquered the world, converting many naysayers (who previously cited his radical style as a negative), to his philosophy and importance as a musical messiah.

The world tour ended with a tour de force of a performance at Reggae Superjam in Kingston. That December show, which left his audience spellbound, was considered by many who were fortunate enough to see it, as one of the greatest musical performances ever seen on Jamaican soil.

Many great artistes

His impact internationally is better understood in the context of the many great artistes of his time, such as the likes of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, which did recordings and performances with Tosh.

Others, such as R&B star Gwen Guthrie, as well as the legendary Sly and Robbie, did some of their best work with Tosh and played an important role in his musical metamorphosis.

Several major entertainers from then and now have confirmed their appearance at the October concert, as they perform their hits (as well as his) in tribute to his life, his music and his legacy, in what will, no doubt, be a most memorable and fitting event.

The concert will also provide the platform for an annual commemorative event, all proceeds of which will benefit the extension of the legacy of Peter Tosh and related charities indicated above.