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Walters awaits new opponent for title fight

Published:Tuesday | October 9, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Leroy Brown, Gleaner Writer

Caballero gives up WBA featherweight crown

World Boxing Association (WBA) featherweight champion, Celestin Caballero, gave up his featherweight title yesterday, the penultimate day by which he had to sign the contract for his title fight against Jamaica's featherweight champion and WBA No. 1 Contender, Nicholas Walters.

Caballero decided that he would rather relinquish the title than fight Walters for the mandated purse of US$90,000 that was offered to him by Canelo Promotions of Mexico.

On September 20, Canelo won the purse bid for the fight which was for US$120,000, from which amount Caballero was to receive 75%, which is US$90,000 and Walters 25%, which is US$30,000.

The WBA rules required him to sign and return the contract to the promoters by today, since they in turn had to deliver it to the WBA by October 10.

Giving up the title

His response yesterday was that he was giving up the title rather than fight for that amount. It is believed that he will now move up to the super featherweight division and get more lucrative fights.

This move will suit Walters, who will go up against the next highest rated available contender selected by the WBA. This will be done in the next few days.

The purse money will quite likely be shared 50-50, so instead of US$30,000, Walters would get US$60,000.

Contacted by The Gleaner yesterday, Jacques Deschamps, who manages Walters, said that he was not surprised by the move by Caballero, who had been making statements to the media about possibly relinquishing the title.

"Nicholas would have liked to beat him, but he will now have to prepare for a different opponent. He is training hard and is looking forward to fighting in Jamaica in December," Deschamps said.

"That is what really matters to him, to be fighting for the world title in front of his Jamaican boxing fans," he concluded.