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Published:Wednesday | October 10, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Jamaica's historical landscape is littered with dates which have shaped the terrain as well as the future of the country's diverse inhabitants.

These events range from catastrophic to euphoric with no shortage of recollection whenever the various milestones are mentioned.

From earthquakes, hurricanes and fires to Olympic glory and Independence, The Gleaner started chronicling Jamaica's roller-coaster history ride in 1834, and has had a front-row seat at every major event since.

With 2012 marking Jamaica's 50th year of Independence from Great Britain, The Gleaner continues to share events which made the news, this day, in 1962.

Brown on Privy Council

G. Arthur Brown, CMG, has been appointed a member of the Privy Council, it was announced yesterday. The announcement, which came from the Government's public relations office, said the appointment had been made by His Excellency the Governor General, in accordance with the provisions of Section 82 of the Jamaican Constitution of 1962 after consultation with the prime minister.

Political asylum bid fails

The Honourable Roy McNeill, minister of home affairs, announced yesterday that he has refused the application of the Reverend Clennon King, a United States citizen, for political asylum in Jamaica. McNeill, according to the official statement, considered King's application and reached the decision that his case is not one that qualifies for political asylum. King, of Albany, Georgia, arrived in Kingston last month and asked for political asylum from what he describes as insidious persecution and official harassment in the United States.

Medical Advisory Committee set up

A 12-man Medical Advisory Committee has been set up by Minister of Health Dr Herbert Eldemire. This committee will make recommendations for improvements in the regulations governing hospitals and ancillary services, as well as improvements to the Kingston Public Hospital. The committee will also submit proposals for achieving the closest cooperation between the University Hospital, private practitioners and the Government Medical Services.

Government plans to counteract bad effects

The summation of Jamaica by Chester Bowles, special adviser on underdeveloped countries to the president of the United States, is now holding the attention of the Ministry of External Affairs, headed by the prime minister, Sir Alexander Bustamante, and the Ministry of Finance, which is directly concerned with United States' aid.

It is the first big assignment of the Jamaican Embassy in Washington, headed by His Excellency Neville Ashenheim.