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Is rape now the order of the day?

Published:Thursday | October 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM


WITH THE recent upsurge of rape within the Jamaican society, many persons have been left breathless and are now seeking answers to various questions. In this supposedly jubilee celebration, many law-abiding citizens have to cower in fear of losing their lives. The criminal minds have been lowered to beastly behaviour wherein no one seeks to find a spouse so that they can release sexual tension. Instead they have now turned to little girls, boys and even women for sexual gratification. It's a sad fact, but the current administration seeks to be clueless about stemming the crime demon. Crime has spiralled out of control and no one seeks to provide plausible answers to the questions people are asking.

Rape has gone up; every day there's more reported incidents of rape. Is it time for the community members to pursue perpetrators of these crimes and execute their own judgement? Is it time for us to just idly sit down and only seek to call for a Black Friday and observe two minutes of silence? I concur with the opposition leader and will boldly say that the Government is too lazy to address the crime problem. More so, they cannot execute the biblical mandate that is required when observing a jubilee celebration. This involves job creation, social liberation, psychological liberation and even crime reduction. When will they realise that, unless something is done quickly, there will be a daunting future for the economic, social and religious well-being of this blessed island?

Nicordo Wilson