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I definitely feel robbed, says Morgan

Published:Saturday | October 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM
National discus thrower Jason Morgan. - File

André Lowe, Senior Staff Reporter

Jamaica's Olympic discus representative Jason Morgan confessed to feeling extremely disappointed and believes he was 'robbed', after the IAAF took the decision not to ratify a 67.15m mark, which he recorded earlier this year, resulting in the 30-year-old being stripped of the national record.

Morgan made it clear, however, that he will be appealing the decision.

"Honestly, I definitely feel robbed, but I believe that everything in my life is a part of a journey that will motivate someone else," Morgan told The Gleaner shortly after learning of the IAAF's rejection. "This is something that I will definitely appeal."

The decision also means that fellow Olympian Traves Smikle's 67.12m, recorded at the National Senior Trials in June, will now be acknowledged as the best mark ever registered by a Jamaican.

Morgan, whose personal best mark has now been confirmed at 65.61m, which was also done earlier this year, has, however, underlined that he is now more determined than ever to push himself next season.

Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) Director of Records Charlie Fuller sought clarification from the IAAF after Morgan's 67.15m, which was done at a meet at the University of Louisiana on May 12, had not shown up on the IAAF's list of official marks.

Not officially recognised

The global regulators responded yesterday through a letter, outlining that the discus event was not listed on the official meet schedule and was only added at the last minute and, as a result, could not be recognised.

"The letter basically said that the event was added at the last minute and it wasn't originally on the programme, but the meet director contacted me a few days before and told me that they were going to have discus throwing at the meet, so if I am interested ... because we had spoken about it a week in advance and I always throw at this meet," Morgan added, before expressing his disappointment with the outcome.

"To tell you the truth, it's very disappointing because I worked so hard and I threw my distance honestly. It's not like I cheated to throw what I threw but afterwards the word 'motivation' came back to me," said Morgan. "It's never easy for me, I don't know why but I always overcome and that's the attitude that I will keep having."

"They say that mark wasn't legal; they didn't say I didn't throw it. They said it wasn't added on the list in time so I am a 67m thrower but next year it's just to aim higher and go over 70m. I want to do that consistently to show that it's not a buck-up or whatever," he added.

JAAA president Dr Warren Blake confirmed the rejection and spoke of Morgan's chances at an appeal.

"All the national records have to be ratified and when he made the mark and we got result of it, it was never confirmed on the IAAF website as a mark. That mark has never been listed and so we wrote seeking clarification," said Blake.

"If Jason felt and can show that, in effect, it was an event that was scheduled before the start of the meet and he can show that, then he can appeal. But as of right now, Traves Smikle is our national record holder."