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Published:Tuesday | October 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Stick with the code

1. Some people are beseeching the powers that be not to go back on the prescribed dress code for hospitals. Though the code has been heavily criticised by those who want to parade on wards with their scantily clad bodies, the majority say it's a great thing. Daily, scores of women are turned away from these facilities when they turn up half-dressed.

Resting time

2. Some clients are worried about the continued absence of the creative genius, but no one wants to disclose the address of the rehab centre where he has been cooling his heels for the last few months.

Magnet for expats

3. There she goes again - hooking her claws in the throat of yet another foreigner. She is one of those who, apparently, has a magnet for the expats. She was heard telling one friend that she has eaten at all the top restaurants around. However, apart from food which is paid for by the company, the pickings have been rather thin.

House husband

4. The world will soon be introduced to another celebrated house husband. The guy is unable to hold down a job and the wife is the one carrying home the bacon, so he has been assigned specific duties like cooking, washing and carrying out the trash!