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LETTER OF THE DAY - Un-Konshen-able!

Published:Wednesday | October 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Select more tasteful performers for national events


Congratulations are in order for our athletes and the organisers of the awards ceremony at the National Arena on Heroes Day. The sterling performances of the athletes in London which have been trumpeted the world over are, indeed, worthy of very high praise.

For this reason, the organisers should take a bow for a well-organised and entertaining event. Most important, the decision to pay the athletes for their work in London is one whose time has come.

However, in praising the ceremony and the athletes for their amazing contributions, greater care must be given to the kinds of entertainers chosen to perform.

The performance of dancehall artiste Garfield 'Konshens' Spence, an otherwise good artiste, left much to be desired.I was deeply embarrassed and hurt by his extremely inappropriate presentation.

Konshens' behaviour Monday night, including his pants falling off his hips and the bedroom-focused lyrics, as well as preaching what may be considered 'hate speech', were the lowest points of the ceremony.

And then, adding insult to injury, he called for world record holder and double Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt to be made a national hero, while flying a flag with Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's image on it. It was ill-informed and in very poor taste.

Lift programme standards

There was no justification for his obtuse behaviour. It is clear that he does not understand the value of adhering to the rules of good taste and sensitivity.

Challenging the organisers to listen to him while desecrating a national symbol flies in the face of the very process that he claims to believe in so passionately. Is it not possible for the producers of these shows to eliminate this kind of outrageousness from programmes, presumably designed to be educational and informative?

Let us raise the standard of our presentations at the national level, inclusive of what and how we say what we do when afforded this great privilege.


St Andrew