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Increase age of consent to 18

Published:Thursday | October 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I write in response to the Rev Devon Dick's article published in The Gleaner, Thursday, October 4, 2012, titled 'Increase the age for consensual sex'.

I am in agreement with Rev Dick's call. With the present state of our country, where rape and child abuse are concerned, the time has come when all parents should band together and put the pressure in the right places for this law to be reviewed.

At a public forum a couple of years ago, where the then children's advocate was the guest speaker, I personally called for the review of this law. After all, how could I give consent to my 16-year-old daughter or son to be engaged in sexual intercourse, bearing in mind that this act can result in child-bearing which carries with it multitudes of responsibilities?

The sex act is certainly not for children, as it was intended by God for procreation, among other things.

If that child under 18 gets in any trouble, parents are held responsible, sometimes even dragged into court. I do believe, therefore, that if a child gets pregnant before 18, the lawmakers should be held responsible.

As Rev Dick pointed out, the voting age is 18; the minimum age at which one can get a driver's licence is 17. You must be 18 to be married without parental consent.

We should all join in the call to have actions taken to increase the age at which our beautiful children can, without permission, enter into sexual relationships.