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PM should have rebuked Konshens

Published:Friday | October 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The Gleaner's Letter of the Day by Agostinho Pinnock (October 17, 2012) spoke to the performance of dancehall artiste Konshens at the event which was held on National Heroes Day to honour our outstanding Olympic performers in the presence of the prime minister and others of the country's leadership.

It was most disrespectful and a discredit to all that was being celebrated on that occasion.

It is appropriate for the letter writer to cry shame on what took place and call on organisers to be more careful in who they invite to perform on such occasions.

However, I would like to suggest that the strongest signal that could have been sent to object to this example of what characterises the low moral standards that have been such a discredit to Jamaica would have been for our prime minister to have stood up and made a strong protest, even as the performer was dishonouring her and all assembled there.

Many will say that would have been an extreme act which would have placed a damper on the ceremony. If we truly believe that we are dealing with a cancer that continues to corrupt the essence of our nationhood, it will take bold public admonition to make an impact.


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