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Are motorists being defrauded at tax offices?

Published:Friday | October 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Please afford me some space to expose what I consider to be massive fraud and a dangerous situation happening at Tax Administration Jamaica in the motor vehicle division.

Over a year ago, I purchased a vehicle, and having had all the necessary transfers done, I returned thelicence plates to the former owner. This morning, October 18, two police officers came to see me regarding a hit-and-run accident. The plates on the vehicle that sped away were traced back to me.

As it turned out, after checks made by the cops to their operation's division, the plates which I returned and the plates which I purchased on transfer of the vehicle both belonged to me and the same vehicle. This is not a mistake. This is serious and potentially damaging fraud.

I, therefore, call upon the authorities to look into the operations of Tax Administration Jamaica, and this case in particular.