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Bracing for Sandy

Published:Wednesday | October 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Corporate Area readies for Sandy's impact

As Tropical Storm Sandy barrels towards Jamaica, some persons across Kingston and St Andrew were launched into preparation mode, while others weren't convinced Jamaica would be directly impacted.

In Port Royal, some persons were busy battening down, putting out sandbags and tying down boats. No one intended to leave their homes.

"I don't play with storm. I take all of them serious so I make my preparations," said Royan Pinnock.

However, he has no plans to evacuate, noting that for the over 40 years he has lived in Port Royal, he has been through several natural disasters and survived them all.

"We survived Gilbert and it was stronger, so we will ride out this one. Port Royal never have flooding yet; it is above sea level."

Fellow resident Sheldon Clark is not of the view that Jamaica will be directly impacted by the storm.

"We just getting some rain and breeze, nothing else. It nah hit us, but me still a make me preparation," said Clark.

need new bridge

Some residents of Kintyre and Tavern in St Andrew were hoping that Sandy would destroy the dilapidated Kintyre bridge in order for them to get the long-overdue one. A section of the bridge is broken away, forcing persons to cautiously drive across.

"Our biggest problem round here is that bridge. A it why the Hope River always overflow and wash wey people house and kill off people," one man said.

"The water can't get fi flow freely so it overflow. You know from when them promise we a bridge and all now. Da bridge deh shoulda dynamite long time."

"Me a pray say it wash wey clean, clean, Jah know," another resident added.

Some residents have already parked their vehicles across the bridge in anticipation of its destruction.

In the meantime, the men said they were doing whatever little preparation they can.

Over by the troubled Caribbean Terrace in Harbour View, one man declared, "No storm nah come, a lie. A money them want mek affa we."

Scaling fish in his backyard, another man added, "Me a fisherman, so me watch the tides and right now the tides look alright. We nah evacuate, we a ride out de storm."

This resident of Port Royal effects repair work to his house, closing up a large hole in the wall. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

Residents of Portland Cottage, Clarendon, clean a drain along the main road in preparation for the approach of Tropical Storm Sandy. - Ian Allen/Photographer

These men play dominoes on Old Harbour Road in St Catherine yesterday. - Rudolph Brown/Photographer