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BlackBerry 10 to allow texting in patois

Published:Sunday | October 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Steven Jackson, Business Reporter

Research in Motion will release its new BlackBerry 10 (BB10) operating system in Jamaica and the region in the first quarter of 2013 and it will even text in patois.

The BB10 smartphone interface is completely new, and has texting options including seamlessly anticipating patios, slangs and other languages.

It even offers correction for group party photos, which actually isolates closed eyelids of friends in photos and reopens them while leaving the other friends untouched in the still image.

The company, however, declined to reveal price estimates. RIM will initially release the BB10 on at least two new flagship phones: one with a QWERTY keyboard and the other as touchscreen.

RIM unveiled its test version of BB10 to regional journalists on Thursday in Miami. The company is banking on the new Blackberry to win back users with its clean design lush graphics and new BB messaging capabilities.

The new version aims to keep BlackBerry's lead as the most popular smartphone in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Globally, however, BlackBerry has lost marketshare to Apple and Samsung.

"We are ready to compete. We want to be the third largest player in the world and number one in the long term," said RIM regional managing director Wes Nicol while addressing a small clutch of journalists at the Marriott Hotel in Miami.

"We are going after the BB user, a specific type of user. That is the audience we are zeroing in on. This will be the best product for these people and others will come in the process," he said.

slang use

The text auto-correction feature is significant in multilingual regions like Latin America and Jamaica, which are heavy on the use of slangs.

"It will learn to speak the way you talk and can add words to the dictionary. So if you write 'yeah' it will add 'yeah man'," explained Maria Aleiandra Perez-Rincon senior manager portfolio management at RIM.

Perez-Rincon is versed in English and Spanish, as well as patios courtesy of her best friend who is Jamaican.

"No other device has this feature," she said.