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Pentateuch brings fresh sounds

Published:Thursday | November 1, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Group launches debut album

Jordane Delahaye, Gleaner Writer

Rising reggae sensation, Pentateuch, recently completed its debut album which it officially launched on Tuesday night on the grounds of the band members' alma mater - Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.

Pentateuch first surfaced on the music scene with their ballad, Blackface, which advocates self-acceptance and self-love among blacks.

The song is a bold choice for a debut single as it tackles an issue that is almost a no-fly zone in today's society. However, the single got the band the attention it needed to secure a loyal fan base and begin the journey from obscure, underground reggae act to rising stars in the music industry.

Their debut album, which is aptly titled The Genesis, is a roots reggae revelation which is sure to further bolster the young musicians' careers.

The names 'Pentateuch' and 'The Genesis' allude to the band's spiritual vigilance. This impassioned spirituality is reinforced throughout the album.

Cancer Survivor, one of the most moving songs on the album, is an anthem for cancer patients everywhere, encouraging them to never give up the fight against the dreaded disease.

All proceeds from the song's iTunes sales will be donated to the Cancer Society of Jamaica.

conscious lyrics

The album launch featured commentaries from individuals involved in the band's journey. The comments were loaded with praise, especially at the band's dedication and for its willingness to stick to conscious lyrics.

The album's producer, Paul 'Computer Paul' Henton, said he was excited to work with the band after hearing them for the first time.

Henton glorified the band as one of the greatest set of musicians Jamaica has seen in a while, which is in direct contrast to its humble and easy-going demeanour.

The band, similar to its biblical namesake, is made up of five young musicians: Kevor 'Var' Williams on lead vocals, Brady 'Jah Bradez' Robinson on drums, Andrew 'Worm' Ayre on bass, Andrade 'Dradi' Bowen on keyboards, and Garth 'Duckie' Forester on guitar.

Together, the five talented members produce an awe-inspiring and fresh sound.

At the album launch, Pentateuch treated the audience to a live acoustic set. The electrifyingly passionate session showcased the band members as seasoned performers and further highlighted their imminent success.

The lead singer's performance was hauntingly soulful and this, combined with his band mates' expert instrumental adeptness which expertly complemented his voice without being too conspicuous, made for a soul-stirring performance.