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Published:Saturday | November 3, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Security guards at the centre of gay row sent packing

Nadisha Hunter. Staff Reporter

THE SECURITY guards involved in the assault of a student of the University of Technology (UTech) who was allegedly found in a compromising position with another male student have been stripped of their duties at the university.

The company which provides security for the university disclosed this in a release yesterday.

"Marksman Limited has been in full cooperation with the university and other officials to resolve the matter and, based on initial reviews of this situation, the Marksman security guards in question have been removed from duty with immediate effect while further investigations continue," Marksman indicated in a release.

Meanwhile, UTech is conducting an in-depth investigation into the matter.

"The university's administration, the university's Students' Union and Marksman Ltd strongly condemn the assault on the student by the security guards, and other individuals," the university said.

compromising position

Late Thursday evening, the two students were chased by a group of persons on the campus, after it was circulated that they were found in a compromising position in a bathroom. One managed to escape and the other ended up in the guardroom at the entrance of the campus.

He was allegedly physically assaulted by security guards employed by the contracted security company, Marksman Ltd while several other students encircled the guardroom attempting to get hold of the student.

Parts of the incident were captured on video and posted on YouTube.

"The university is also providing counselling to those involved. The Students' Union executive has initiated a series of discussions and sensitisation sessions to encourage appropriate behaviour and to support the safety and security of the wider student body," the university added.

Several groups have since condemned the act of violence against the students.

horrifying act

Jamaicans for Justice said the horrifying act of violence is yet another example of society's willingness to accept force as an appropriate response in all too many circumstances.

"The violence directed towards LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) members of our society is completely unacceptable and the leadership of all sectors of society must make it absolutely clear that they do not endorse such violence.

"The administration of UTech must respond to this incident in a way that makes clear to its students and staff that such actions will not be tolerated," the group argued.

The National Youth Council of Jamaica expressed horror and dismay at the incident.

According to the council's chairman, Ryan Small, "All forms of abuse must be soundly condemned regardless of an individual's sexual orientation. We must be resolute in championing the rights of every single Jamaican."