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Watching Election in the US - Vox Pop

Published:Tuesday | November 6, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Cecelia Plunkett
Ivanhoe Barry
David Barnes
Patrick Johnson
Shadeen Johnson
Monique Brown

Tonight's the night Americans find out who has been elected president. Talk about must-see TV! But Jamaicans may have other viewing preferences.

So will you be gathering around the TV to watch the US election or will it be regular Tuesday night programming?

  • Cecelia Plunkett

I'll be watching the election. Den mi nuh must watch? Mi nuh want nobody tell me how it go, mi waan see it fi myself.

  • Ivanhoe Barry

Yeah man, I will be watching because it's all the way with (Barack) Obama. Obama straight we say! Black man time!

  • David Barnes

Mi must watch dat man! Boss man, Obama all the way. Not because him a black man. But listen, he's just the better leader.

  • Patrick Johnson

Obama we say still. Yes I'll be watching. My hope is for Obama to turn out successful because it would be more easy for Jamaicans abroad.

  • Monique Brown

No, I won't be watching; reason being, I don't have cable and I have trouble picking up the local stations. Maybe I'll be listening if it's on radio, but other than that, I won't be following it.

  • Shadeen Johnson

I won't be watching per se, because I will be at school. But it would be good to see it.