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Green light for casinos - Regulation passed to introduce gaming

Published:Saturday | November 10, 2012 | 12:00 AM

ANOTHER STEP on the journey to have casinos operating in Jamaica was taken yesterday when the Senate passed the casino gaming (application for declaration of approved integrated resort development) regulations.

This paves the way for entities to apply for a licence to establish an integrated gaming facility on the island.

But the snail's pace at which the Government has been moving to have casino gaming a reality in Jamaica drew criticism from two senators, who yesterday argued that the country was missing out on investments.

Government Senator Noel Sloley and his opposition counterpart, Alexander Williams, said it was taking too long for the State to press ahead with the regulatory framework for casino gaming.

Sloley noted that the regulations were being brought to the Senate four years after former Prime Minister Bruce Golding's grand announcement that the country would be opening up to casino gaming.

The Casino Gaming Act was passed in 2010, two years before the regulations are being brought to Parliament.

"It is as if we are afraid of success," Sloley said.

"Our implementation level does not match up to our announcement level," he added.