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Cultural assault on homosexuality?

Published:Saturday | November 10, 2012 | 12:00 AM


"The traditional pastors have been doing a disastrously poor job in countering the ideological and cultural assault on Christianity."

This quote concluded Ian Boyne's article of November 4, 2012. The statement resonated with me. There are major issues afoot that are assaulting the morals, religion and traditional family values within our Jamaican/global culture. While this is going on, the Church seems unwilling or unable to do anything to balance the education of the day - or maybe the Church just doesn't think it matters.

I see a major ideological and cultural assault on Christianity with regard to the whole matter of homosexuality within our society. I have noticed that the typical print media seems to take advantage of every opportunity to put a popular spin on the issue while skewing the argument in a direction that makes it appear that anyone who would hold dissenting opinions should be viewed as a backward, ignorant lout.

I do not support violence or harm towards anyone - including individuals who wish to practise a gay lifestyle. I also wish to make it clear that the matter of human sexuality should be a very private and intimate issue. However, when one feels that it is necessary to make a public agenda of it, I begin to question the motive.

Accountable to God

Do we, as a nation, still believe that there is a God to whom we are accountable? Do we really believe that the Bible is His Word and being Christian means that we accept the authority of this Word?

Ian Boyne issued a challenge to the highly schooled and highly degreed churchmen scattered across Jamaica - himself included. He wishes for them to step away from the insularity of their churches and offices and have the courage and maturity to provide a balance to the ongoing discussion in the society that might help "in countering the ideological and cultural assault on Christianity".

I wish to apply this challenge to the ideology of homosexuality as a cultural assault on Christianity in Jamaica.

A balance of education and information is needed as the view could be construed that there is an orchestrated agenda afoot to promote the gay life with zero tolerance towards anyone with a dissenting voice.



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