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Fiction - Lucy's fall

Published:Sunday | November 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Jason Stephenson, Contributor

She was the most beautiful one among us all. Her voice made stars twinkle and her hair was rich like honey. She was much more than a sister to me; she was my best friend, until the day she and a number of the others decided to leave home.

Lucy had somehow changed.

She began acting very differently from the others, her actions quickly became harsh and arrogant and her compassion faded, until finally sometime after, everything just went terribly wrong.

I was in the meadow one day picking flowers, when it happened - an argument broke out for the very first time in our house. It caused quite a stir among my siblings because it was unlike anything we'd ever seen.

My beloved sister Lucy had sinned ...

Time to heal

I was told chasing after her was pointless. So I decided to give her time - time to heal. It wasn't until much later when I just couldn't stay away any longer I decided to visit her.

I had never descended onto the earth before. It was nothing like my home in the heavens. It was bleak and shapeless and swallowed in complete darkness. It was the first in a long time I had seen the others - Alice and Madeline, Emmanuel and Noel. They all looked so different - so bitter, so envious, as if I had wronged them somehow. Feathers blew in the wind, garments were torn, harps tossed aside, halos dimmed beyond recognition.

I couldn't conceal myself even if I wanted to; my light shone far brighter than anyone of theirs. They were surrounded by nothing - nothing but darkness. What was their purpose for coming here?

"Well if it isn't little Ms Abigail," said a woman. She looked me up and down in disgust.

Who was this person? Surely she wasn't my sister - not Lucy. Her beauty had vanished. Instead, her face was rough and her skin had aged greatly. Her voice was hoarse and her dazzling blonde hair grew dull and lifeless, hanging untidily over her face. Her golden glow had faded and her robes were filthy and ripped all over. She grinned as I saw her, slowly drifting into the shadows.


I chased after her, but I was crowded by too many of my siblings, hundreds, even millions of them, some laughing evilly to themselves while others sat crying with the sound of misery in their voice.

Suddenly, an ear-splitting screech erupted from within the distance. Someone was in danger! I had to help them!

I flew to the crowd in the centre surrounding the yells which flooded the dark and peered into its centre. There she was ... Lucy, clutching onto Theodore's wing in one arm as she ripped it from its hinges on his back. He screamed in agony as Lucy tore it off and threw it to the ground.

"FILTHY FEATHERS!" she spat.

I crashed to the ground from the horror I had witnessed. These weren't my brothers or sisters. They were lunatics, wallowing in their new-found misery.

All of a sudden, everyone stopped - all eyes were on me now, crowding me, touching me, tempting me as they all encircled me, embracing me with their sinful ways.

"What's wrong Abigail ... afraid?" hissed Madeline.

"She probably wants to run home to daddy," said Alice.

"Maybe we should rip her wings off," smirked another.

"Perhaps we should have our way with her," said Theodore, softly caressing my shoulder, his back soaked in blood.

It was a mistake coming here. It was a mistake trying to change them. They chose this path; they chose to be what they now were. They weren't one of me ... not anymore.

I could feel their grip around me, trying to hold me hostage, trying to pull me in. But, my faith was far stronger than theirs ever was. A light parted the heavens surrounding me in my moment of need; blessing me in the ambience of my father's glory. Hisses and yells erupted from them as they escaped into the night.

That was the last time I saw Lucy up close, as the others scampered away, her eyes met mine as she slowly slithered back into the shadows, the sickest of grins on her face.

I had lost my best friend.

It wasn't until a much later time, when Father created a new breed ... the humans, that I saw her again. I watched from the heavens ... we all did, as she once again challenged Father's authority.

A woman sat on a small rock in the garden's centre looking around for any trace of her partner called Adam, who was too far off by the river to hear her calling ... and that's when she appeared.

"Who are you?" said the woman jumping up from the rock. "I've never seen you in the garden before."

She smiled.

"I'm Eve."

Forbidden fruit

The other woman strolled past her making her way to a tree in the centre of the garden. She yanked a fruit from its branches and bit into it.

"What are you doing?" Eve shrieked. "You mustn't eat from that tree, father strictly forbids it."

Lucy wiped the juice from the corners of her lips.

"Father never gave me any such rule." she said outstretching the fruit in her palms. "Go on, have a bite."

"No, I mustn't" said Eve.

"But it's so delicious." said Lucy, taking another mouthful. "Give it a try, just one bite ..."

Eve looked curiously at the fruit clutched within Lucy's palm ... one bite wouldn't hurt anybody, would it?

"Promise not to tell," said the woman.

Lucy handed her the fruit as her gazed reached up into the heavens looking at each and every one of us.

"Promise ... ." she smiled.