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Published:Sunday | November 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM
A 168-foot water tanker, the John B. Caddell, sits on the shore on the morning of Tuesday, October 30, where it ran aground on Front Street in the Stapleton neighbourhood of New York's Staten Island as a result of superstorm Sandy. - AP
  • Sandy

Broken crane hanging over


Breaking hearts -

Rivers of signs, bodies

Floating on hard times

Our crippled Monday -

Trains, buses, economies

We unknot with

Ruptured power lines, unbending

Scars of homes from trees,

Trampling cars like roaches -

While we stand with toppled hopes

Waiting ... waiting to


- Homer Sylvester

  • Journey to college

My heart jumped as it swelled in my stomach

Water poured from my hands

My eyes remained dry

The luscious green trees transformed into lifeless three-storey monsters

The road had gotten smooth

Yet so hard to traverse.

The car whizzed along the roadway

On the backseat the three suitcases shifted to find a home

The excitement had been sucked in by the misty dark air

I felt something new.

The sweet scent of guavas and mangoes had disappeared

The voices of happy children were long gone

Horns honked while angry men barked at each other

A drop of rain splattered against the window

Lightning snapped, thunder boomed

Tears flooded my cheeks

Fear tore into me.

- Kalehia K. Johnson

  • These arms of mine

On a rainy day

These arms of mine should be around you.

They should be wrapped around you

To keep you warm.

They were meant for you from

The day you were born.

They may be coarse and full of corn

Still you embraced them without

Shame nor scorn.

Years of labour have

affected them so much.

They ache but soothe by your caressing touch.

At nights I use them to hug you.

I use them to seduce and love you.

It's just the integral part they play.

Especially not having you on this rainy day.

In these arms of mine

You are always welcome.

They should be around you

Ever so seldom.

- Ricardo Cole

  • Blue heart

Blue was the shade of her evening dress

Dark and beautiful were her eyes

When she left me that night, I knew I would regret it

And I knew I would have a blue heart.

She trusted me with her love

And I should have done all I could to protect it

But instead, I betrayed her trust.

She caught me in close contact with another girl

Kisses so warm and sweet the dim porch lights revealed

She was devastated by the sight of it

And her poor heart pounded

The pain that she felt was too much to suppress

I brought sadness to her heart

And I knew she would never forgive me.

She stood there in shock and maintained her silence

Then she turned her head away and cried

I couldn't bear to see her so hurt

I tried to console her, but she wouldn't allow it

She just pushed me away

And the tears that fell from her eyes will convict my conscience forever.

You couldn't imagine how I felt when I saw the woman that I loved walking away

Every time I think about it, I just feel like dying

And I know what's missing from my heart is her love

I had everything a man could possibly desire.

Now I have nothing but emptiness

I'm left with a blue heart, and I'm so lonely.

- Marlon Pitter