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C2W gets 'Revenge' - Music publishing start-up begins to see pay-offs

Published:Sunday | November 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM

We Want Drinkz is the first Caribbean 2 World Music Limited (C2W) track to be featured on the iTunes iOS game called Tap Tap Revenge.

Written and produced by King Bubba FM, Lil Rick and Corey Forde of Barbados, the song was a favourite at Crop Over 2012. We Want Drinkz is signed to Young America Recordings, a record label owned by Max Gousse, senior vice-president of Island/Def Jam. Ian Berry, CEO of C2W, said "we heard the song, and knew it had amazing global potential, so C2W did a 'single song' co-publishing deal to represent the song globally."

Tap Tap Revenge is one of the longest running music-discovery games offers on iTunes, available for download in the App Store. The highly rated game boasts over 15 million installs globally; players use their fingers to tap coloured balls when they reach the bottom of the screen. The goal is to hit the balls at the correct time as dictated by the beat of the song. At the end of the song players post their points online for each song.

The digital download of We Want Drinkz is now available worldwide on iTunes and any other digital download site like in various territories.

Berry explained the fee structure of iTunes.

"Gamers who like the song can immediately buy the song from within the App or through the iTunes store in which the song is available currently listed at US$0.99."

Sales of the track featured in the game will attract revenues, which will accrue to the Caribbean-based, public-listed company.

Another groundbreaking feature of C2W's deal stipulates that the publishers retain a third of the revenues from sales.

"C2W owns 50 per cent of the publishing and the copyright of the song and has the rights to represent the master globally, thus retaining a percentage of earnings from both the master and publishing sections received."

NBA version

Also important, C2W has done another version of the song called We Want Dunks specifically for current NBA champions the Miami Heats and the Los Angeles Clippers. This version will be played at upcoming games.

Many other tracks owned by C2W are still under consideration by acts like Jennifer Hudson, for release over the next few months.

Commercial use of the songs earns revenue for C2W and its Caribbean writers.

In effect, the international exploitation of the copyright - the use of the songs in games, films, TV shows, albums and such - earns hard currency for the region and Jamaica in particular.

According to Berry, several months of development are finally starting to pay off for C2W.

It has been confirmed, for instance, that C2W will provide one of songs on the next Mindless Behavior album slated for early 2013.

"This young boy band has received major success on their first album selling millions globally and expects to make a greater impact with this next record," said Berry of Mindless Behavior.

"The song is called Band-Aid and all signs lead toward it been a single for the group.

"There's also a song called Aah St that is released, by Jeremih featuring Fabulous (Island/Def Jam)," Berry went on.