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10 Things you didn't know about Pat Ramsay

Published:Sunday | November 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Pat Ramsay

Say the name Pat Ramsay in some circles and there's almost a reverential hush by those within earshot, as they silently pay homage to an outstanding Jamaican woman who has over the years given of herself and her expertise in helping to build an appreciation of and for art and the artists of the country.

This indefatigable icon is synonymous with impeccable style and unimpeachable personal traits which have set her apart and above mere style-mongers as the pre-eminent arbiter. A fact recognised internationally, which has made her one of the island's unofficial ambassadors-at-large, and a member of the international fabulocracy.

The founding curator of the Mutual Life Gallery, Ramsay continues working by giving of herself unstintingly to the cause of promoting Jamaican art and art awareness nationally and internationally, and has distinguished herself as one of the country's foremost authorities on Jamaican art, a position she has used in furtherance of making art accessible by demystifying the appeal and stylistics of the art world.

Today, Outlook Magazine shares 10 things we did not know about the revered and acclaimed Ramsay.

1 Her adopted daughter is her best friend.

2 She was trained in England as a registered nurse and holds a BSc in that discipline.

3 She also studied in New York where she gained a diploma in psychiatry and psychology.

4 She changed her outlook on life, deciding that she "needed to change me in order to see the world differently". This started with her parents, particularly her mother who was a dress designer and father, a pharmacist (Carlos Thompson, Red Hills Pharmacy).

5 She worked at Essence magazine as the home editor for three years.

6 She worked in Paris for 11 months at Amina, Frenchwoman service magazine, as editor for a French/African magazine as well as foreign correspondence for Essence magazine.

7 She was a fashion designer for eight years and owned her own boutique named 'Photique', which was in combination with her late husband Ken Ramsay who was a photojournalist.

8 She designed Air Jamaica's first uniform, including the jacket design the company kept for years.

9 She loved painting, and painted for a while, and her efforts in this respect saw her selling two of her works.

10 Her dream and purpose is to see love and harmony, a light that will bring about an abundance of joy, peace and love in our country. Nothing would give her greater joy than to facilitate the greatness in Jamaican young people and for them to manifest it in the world.

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