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Four more years ...

Published:Monday | November 12, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Now what? Something's apparently wrong with me. Quit snickering, you know what I mean. While I would have voted for President Barack Obama to get another four years, I'm not sure why some of the people around me are practically popping the champagne and uncorking the wine bottles to celebrate his victory at the polls.

Yeah him win, yes unnu feel good. Now get back to work before your boss asks you "What happen?". My thing is that while there are a few issues Obama and I don't agree on, I think his plan for the economy will do more for the middle class. And as is unfortunately the case when you are the world superpower the United States (US) is, when your economy is strong, the confidence in every other big nation goes up. Dawg nyam wi suppa if US mash dung tomorrow! But I'm not really impressed with Barack overall. To be honest, I don't think he did too well; I just didn't (and don't) see Romney doing any better.

That, by the way, leads me to another reason I'm not ecstatic about the re-election. Jamaicans were arguing that Obama only had four years to turn around a fractured country (thanks George W), so he deserved more time to set things right. Ahm, isn't that what the Jamaica Labour Party said to Jamaican voters, only to be roundly booted (and booed) from office the minute an election was called? So what's the difference here? Okay, some will argue the Republican-led Congress made life difficult for Obama. But they still control that section of the legislature. So it's four more years of handcuff tactics? Oh dear.

By the way, you notice the southern states (like Kentucky and Alabama) still vote Republican? And the northern states (New Hampshire and company) still go Democrat? The US is just as divided as we are in terms of some areas, ages and races vote along party lines. But when we do it, we hear it's tribal. Hmm. Guess it's because we use violence. Yeah that must be it. Oh and don't think it's lost on me that Obama hasn't even visited Jamaica yet. The way some Jamaicans go on about him, you'd think the man was the greatest thing since the iPhone. Imagine if he was to touch down at Norman Manley or Sangster International Airport? I know there would be fainting spells, women and men. Even from people who can't even spell his name properly.

The aura of Obama wore off long ago, but like I said, Romney, and to be fair the entire Republican cast (Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, et al), never really inspired confidence. So what to do but put Obama back in. Alright mi boss Barack, you've got your four more years. Now what?

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