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Customers to receive estimated Oct bills - JPS

Published:Monday | November 12, 2012 | 12:00 AM

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) has said that some 123,000 customers will receive estimated bills for October.

The company said this was due mainly to the disruption in the company's meter-reading schedule caused by Hurricane Sandy. The JPS said it was unable to carry out meter reading in some communities in the period immediately after the hurricane, as many of the company's meter readers were redeployed to assist with restoration.

However, yesterday the company was unable to state the communities that would be getting these bills.

"Our billing system is set up to calculate estimated bills using an average of the last three actual readings of the customer's meter. Some customers may, therefore, have been estimated for days when they were without electricity following the hurricane," explained Winsome Callum, JPS head of corporate communication.

Callum said in the event that a customer's usage is overestimated, this will be reflected in the next meter reading. She said based on the reading, any necessary adjustment will be made to the customer's next bill to reflect his or her actual usage.

The JPS says customers who have concerns about their bills are asked to contact customer care centre at 1-888-225-5577 (LIME) or 1-888-935-5577 (Digicel), or visit their nearest customer service office and speak with a representative.