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Vox pop

Published:Tuesday | November 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Craig Carr - Rudolph Brown/Photographer
Patricia Stephenson - Rudolph Brown/Photographer
Jeovanni Nembhard - Rudolph Brown/Photographer
Javane Rodney - Rudolph Brown/Photographer
Special Constable Elphick - Rudolph Brown/Photographer
Paulette Dennis - Rudolph Brown/Photographer

Craig Carr

I think these lay evangelists are fulfilling a purpose. If there is disagreement with it they probably can scale it down, but I don't think they should ban it.

Patricia Stephenson

The Bible says you must go on the highways, byways and edges, so nothing is wrong with preaching on the bus.

Jeovanni Nembhard

Since Jamaica is predominantly a Christian country, we adhere to the values of the Christian doctrine, so I don't think there should be a specific time for preaching. Preaching should be done anytime.

Javane Rodney

I agree to some extent but some persons just don't want to be disturbed. You go on the bus and you just start hearing loud preaching from you go on, till you reach your destination and persons will get flustered. Nothing is really wrong because it's the word of God, but there is a limit.

Special Constable Elphick

I don't think it's fair to others who may have a different perspective to have to sit through the entire journey listening to someone preaching. I love to hear the word of God, but we have to understand that we have different beliefs and we don't need to be imposing our beliefs on persons at any given time.

Paulette Dennis

We all need to hear the word of God and some of us don't have time to read Bible or to even go to church. So sometimes that's the only place to hear it. It's a blessing, it's soothing, it's better than to be listening to the nasty music that they have, so I really don't think it should be stopped.