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Let 'Nanny' show you her tricks this RW

Published:Wednesday | November 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM

By Tennesia Malcolm

Do you have a 'Nanny'? Not the national heroine who is said to have done some, shall we say, amazing things, but the currency denomination which carries her likeness. That same note whose buying power has been reduced to almost insignificant, as the economy continues its downward spiral.

Well, I have good news for you! With that $500 bill - or even less - you can eat out this Restaurant Week.

I see that puzzled look on your face. You're wondering how can this be. What with $500 barely able to buy you lunch on a regular day. The answer is this: Just 'Nyam and Scram'. We understand that in these challenging financial times, an Epicurean, Delectable, Savoury or Tasty restaurant may be too rich for your blood - even though these prices have been severely reduced.

But, still no worries. Just grab the 'Nyam and Scram' lunch menu and start to decide where you will enjoy your midday treats. You could get a half sandwich and soup, salad, Mexican, Italian. So much to choose from. Isn't your mouth just watering knowing you don't have to settle for unappealing or unappetising just because the money nuh nuff?

And to think you can do this every day for a whole week. At that rate, you could sample fare from almost half of the restaurants - maybe more if you do it right -- in this category. Isn't this a sweet deal?


And here's how you can sweeten the pot even more. Get your friends or colleagues in on it. Pool your funds together and get an assortment of culinary treats from the various restaurants and have lunchtime potluck. The more persons willing to take up this offer, the wider the array of choices that will be available to all.

Added benefit: In a group setting, you get to participate in engaging conversation, which might just cause you to end up eating less - and keep your waistline in check.

If after you've had your fabulous lunch you still feel the need to dine out at night, here's what you do. Consider splitting a meal; if the portions are heavy, you should still feel full at the end of it. Especially since the entrées are accompanied by appetisers and desserts.

So when dining with a group of friends, order one less meal than the number of people. You're gonna be sharing anyway, so you won't miss that extra meal.

Can't afford the wine? Drink water. No harm there.

Remember when selecting an entrée, choose something you wouldn't make or can't make at home. No use in spending scarce funds on things you can or should do yourself.

And remember that doggie bag! No use leaving the leftovers behind when you can save them and enjoy later.

Remember, not every menu price is hard to digest. So go ahead, go restaurant hopping. Keep up with the low-budget Joneses without putting a huge bite into your budget. After all, Restaurant Week is for everyone!

Tennesia Malcolm is a subeditor and freelance writer. Email feedback to and