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Student Editor's forum

Published:Thursday | November 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Ashlie Barrett
Geneille Williams
Kerri-Anne Bell
Marissa Webber
Samantha Williams
Shammoy Brown
Shantelle Peddlar
Zahra Henry

Zahra Henry:

disagree because according to the ranking of the top-10 secondary schools, seven are girls' schools.

Kerri-Anne Bell:

I actually disagree because women are the backbone of this country.

Samantha Williams:

To a minute extent, I would agree.

Marissa Webber:

I also disagree with that statement because women are excelling in so many sections of Jamaica, and Jamaica is doing well as a developing country.

In one sentence, what is your response to the suggestion that Jamaica's women are failing the country?

Ashlie Barrett:

I completely disagree. I believe that we are definitely the backbone of Jamaica and that we are upholding the society.

Shammoy Brown:

I vehemently disagree with that statement. We are not failing Jamaica.

Shantelle Peddlar:

Our women are not failing Jamaica. They have been defying the odds … going past what is set for them.

Geneille Williams:

I think the statement is silly. Jamaican women are blazing a trail for the men to follow.