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Online feedback

Published:Thursday | November 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Below are reactions from readers of to yesterday's cover story: 'Democracy at risk - Bad-mouth politics drives away brightest minds, says PJ'.

Wrong messenger

Is Mr Patterson listening to himself? He has done a lot of bad-mouthing, so he is not the one to make such a pronouncement.

The statement is true, but the messenger is wrong. There needs to be succession leadership for the good of Jamaica, but politicians have succeeded in doing the opposite, divide and tear down. The three-card-man style politics must go.

- Gene

Only black men bright?

The brightest of minds are not racists, yet this former PM is famous for postulating that "it's black man time now"! Or does he think that only black men are bright?

- StopBigGovt

PNP destroyed business

Forty thousand businesses destroyed by the People's National Party under the aegis of FINSAC.

Who has red-eye politicians more than the PNP. Also many JLP members have 'bad-mindness'. No wonder they mash up Jamaica.

- Princess Joan Porteous

Move Jamaica forward

PJ came at a good time. Jamaican politians need to sit down together and think about moving the country forward in order to build the country and pay off the debt without thinking about self gain. Politics doesn't always have to be bad; there is a lot of good. So, as politians, work together to move Jamaica forward.

- Concerned Citizen

Kind words

I commend Mr Patterson on some of what he said. But I believe that had it not been for him leaving Jamaica and see with his own two eyes how other democracies run, he may not have had these kind words to say.

- Noshel

Bright individual

I believe Mr Patterson is a very bright individual, maybe too bright for his own good. To me, he does not connect to the common stock like myself from which he was drawn, so when making such statements they don't seem to hold, even making himself sound somewhat hypocritical!