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George Headley moves to boost literacy

Published:Friday | November 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Distant Constable Patrick Campbell talks to students at George Headley Primary School's 'Literacy Day for an Educated Tomorrow', held on the school grounds on Wednesday. - Rudolph Brown/Photographer

GEORGE HEADLEY Primary School, St Andrew took one step closer towards improving the literacy level of its students on Wednesday as during the annual 'Literacy Day' held on the school grounds.

Veronica Wynter, principal of the institution said improving the literacy level in the nation's schools is imperative and all necessary actions should be taken by all the stakeholders in the education sector.

"As we are aware, the focus on literacy and numeracy in all primary schools are of great concern as many schools are functioning below the target set by the Ministry of Education" Wynter told The Gleaner.

"In order to function in a modern society, one has to acquire the basic skills of literacy, being literate is the foundation of learning and we cannot live without this foundation. Educators, students, parents and civil society have long recognised the importance of high standards of performance in the school system," she added.

Throughout the course of the day, students participated in various activities such as spelling bee, literacy word relay and storytelling by parents and police personnel.

Wynter also encouraged the parents to take charge as their contribution towards their children's development is very important, especially with issues such as learning disabilities among children posing a problem at times.

"Parental support and interest in a child's learning to read is of vital importance. Depending only on the school is not enough, parents must work with the school to help students develop the skills of literacy," Wynter said.

"I am encouraging those parents who are not making use of the opportunities offered by the school to give the child the support they need. Programmes are in place and if students are below the grade level are not supported by parents this target will not be met." she added.