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How to be innocently sexy

Published:Monday | November 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Dionna Young, Lifestyle Writer

Always wondered why the good girls seem to get the guys? Maybe there's something about innocent girls that turn men wild. Read on to find out how to innocently mesmerise that guy of your desires.

Don't be a miss know-it-all

1. I'm not suggesting that you act like a bimbo; chucking away those qualifications in the bin. But men love women who seem slightly naive about certain subjects, especially sex. Men like to teach, almost like a teacher-student relationship and a chance to show off what they know. It's ok if you don't know football lingo or how to change the tyres to your car. Ask that guy you like to explain or show you how. And next time when the guy you fancy uses a sexual innuendo, pretend as though you're innocently naive that you didn't get the pun, he'll find it cute.

Remember your manners

2. Just because it's the 21st century, it never gets old to remember to say please, sorry and thank you. For example, if that guy you like holds the door for you; remember to say thank you. He doesn't have to hold the door; he's being a gentleman and if it's a gentleman you're looking for then a gentleman is looking for a lady that has manners. A woman with manners says you're a woman of values, respectful, kind and undeniably cute.

Give little eye contact

3. Another little rule to remember is the eye trick. It's so simple and works every single time without fail. Next time you're in the company of the guy you fancy, stare at him until you get his attention and when he looks at you promptly look elsewhere. Doing this, suggests you're shy and bashful in his presence, which not only implies you like him but it also implies your mind is childlike when it comes to men, which suggests your innocence.

Touch yourself unknowingly

4. No, I'm not telling you to do porn in public, but touching certain sexual areas e.g. your thighs suggestively is a key to grabbing that guy's attention. Next time you're in conversations with the guy you like, indifferently stroke your thigh or touch your upper chest as though you're comforting yourself. You'll get him to look around the area that you're touching and he'll be unaware that you actually want him to look.

Clean an invisible crumb off your lips with your tongue

5.Make sure you're in close eye of your crush, whip out your mirror and pretend, with the tip of your tongue to clean an invisible crumb or something that's on your upper lip and slowly clean it off. It suggests what you would or could do with your tongue with him and will definitely keep his mind ticking away all day. For maximum results, wear red-tinted lipgloss, there's something about the colour that attracts them like a moth to a flame.

Cross your legs

6.Not only does crossing your legs look ladylike, but men love legs and more so women's thighs. So next time, cross those legs and give him a flash of those pins. But don't reveal too much leg; remember less is more and you don't want to look trashy.

Don't brag about your sexual encounters

7. For the men out there looking for a one-night stand they probably would find it a turn-on knowing about your sexual experiences. But for those looking for long-term relationship, they would certainly be turned off. Men love the fantasy that they've met someone virginal (or close to it) and through them they may be the one to teach her a few things. No man likes the thought that there is a queue of men out there that has seen what their woman looks like undressed, it's off-putting and an overly experienced woman can be intimidating.

Wear white

8.With certain colours, certain associations or connotations tend to be attached. And white certainly has a universal association: clean, virginal, innocent, angelic. You won't go wrong wearing white attire to drive it home to your crush how sweetly angelic you may be.

Eat a banana

9. The benefit of eating a fruit is not only good for you but it can actually attract the opposite sex. It's a known fact that men think about sex every six minutes so eating a fruit that is shaped like a sexual organ can get men thinking about sex and about you doing the act more so. The trick is to 'innocently' eat, for e.g. a banana, slowly while reading a book and act indifferent in front of the guy you like.