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LETTER OF THE DAY - Find creative ways to save environment, build houses

Published:Monday | November 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM


In advancement of the cause of recycling, I offer the following. I recently watched an episode titled 'Extreme Homes' on the Home & Garden cable channel where a father in Argentina was asked to build a playhouse for his daughter. They were not a family of affluent means, and so he decided to make the playhouse from two-litre plastic bottles.

So wonderful and satisfying was the end product that he decided to 'construct' a home for the family using the same plastic bottles. He then followed up by building just about all the furniture from the same source. Beds, chairs, tables, etc.

In order to reinforce the steps to the house, he filled the bottles with sand which he had mixed with different colour dyes, to provide a decorative feature of sorts.

His neighbours quickly logged on to the idea, and before long, 52 additional houses were built.

Given the fact that we in Jamaica are in an earthquake and hurricane belt, there would be need for more detailed research to strengthen the product. But research, we must: perhaps by way of a national competition, or just setting up think tanks in the high schools and universities across the island.


At the end of the day, we must find an innovative way to help the environment, the landfills and the housing shortage simultaneously.

There are a number of bauxite factories currently standing idle which could possibly provide storage facilities for the collected bottles. Ultimately, one of these factories could be converted to produce an excellent building material. The possibilities are endless.

We must begin to take recycling to the next level. Our well-being, and that of the planet, demands it.

Over to you, National Solid Waste Management Authority, et al.