Thu | Jun 21, 2018

PJ - the king of distraction

Published:Tuesday | November 20, 2012 | 12:00 AM


There is a big effort in the media to sanitise a failed P.J. Patterson history as one of success.

The same Mr Patterson, who during his first general election bid as head of the People's National Party, campaigned on racist grounds which ran counter to our motto, 'Out of Many, One People'.

If something was wrong with our practice of racial divide prior to his campaign, his selfish ambition would not have made it better. Ironically, he is being promoted in the media as non-confrontational.

It was Mr Patterson who warned some Jamaicans that if they did not vote PNP (this was a by-election so he would still be PM), they would "suck salt through wooden spoon".

It was during his time that material for road repairs was carried to North East St Ann during Shahine Robinson's by-election campaign and taken up back when the PNP lost the election.

The writers/Anancys in the media can fool some people sometimes, but not all the people all the time.

Mr Patterson had one opponent, 'Motty' Perkins; for all others, he did no wrong.

Mr Patterson won a few elections after an incursion of Tivoli Gardens. He was always lucky to get the media focused on the 'negatives' of Tivoli, Mr Seaga and, ultimately, the JLP.

I think Mr Patterson, who is always described as a political animal, knew and mastered the art of distraction.