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Should Everald Warmington become an independent MP?

Published:Wednesday | November 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM

No, but I think they are going to push him out because he is not partial to anyone.

- Anie_que

I would love to hear from the man himself before I can say anything; except the JLP is known for the top to say so and do otherwise.

- Ekimuri

Definitely. Each time this man's name is mentioned, it's some controversial thing he does. Let the poison go.

- MikhaialJ

No! He didn't run as an independent candidate. He ran on the JLP ticket. To switch is to betray the voters' trust.

- Counselor77

We cannot tell what he should be, but for sure we know what he is not! He is not a team player.

- meliboo79

Everald Warmington should remain exactly where he is! It is the Jamaican media that needs to become 'independent'.

- markjrodney

He just needs to learn that there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. A little less arrogance would be helpful.

- CeliaMcKoy

Shouldn't be an MP at all. A disgrace to be even sitting in Parliament with his behaviour tolerated for too long.

- bastonimacaroni

No, he should find a new career and leave politics alone!! His kind of politics is NOT what Jamaica needs!

- CindysDaughter

Like most politicians, he needs to humble himself, forget about self, and serve. Leave it if you can't deal with it.

- sirlinny

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