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'Why Me God?' surpasses Omari's expectations

Published:Wednesday | November 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Since releasing his debut novel Why Me God? in October, sales have surpassed the expectations of its author, gospel artiste Omari.

Although unable to quote exact figures from the overall sales of the novel, Omari confirmed that representatives from bookstores have given him favourable responses.

"Sales have been doing great. It has really surpassed my expectations so I have to give thanks for that. People have also been calling and saying that the book has encouraged and motivated them to stop complaining and be positive," he said.

With sales of Why Me God on the increase, plans are under way to release both a Web version and an audio book.

"I have been getting requests for the book in the United States, Canada and some parts of Europe. A lot of persons are requesting the Web version, so right now we're just trying to get it on Amazon and stores like that. I was also approached to do an audio book version because a lot of persons prefer to listen because some people just don't have the time to read, so all those plans are in the pipeline for the book," Omari said.

Omari is also seeking to broaden his horizon and continue pushing his brand by converting the book into a play. He believes that since plays that cater to Christians are limited, this would be a great venture to undertake in a bid to not only getting his brand out there, but also to spread the message of God.

With the overwhelming feedback from his debut novel, Omari's sophomore novel is already in the works.

"Yes, there will be another book. It's already in the process but I'm not sure when I will be releasing it. For now, I'm really just going to be focusing on this book and getting the Web version available so it can be available worldwide."

In the meantime, Omari says he is also still focusing on music and will be releasing new singles in 2013 from producers Kurt Riley, Russian and Tony Kelly.

- D.H.