Sun | Jun 24, 2018

End victimisation in SW St Ann

Published:Wednesday | November 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I have taken particular interest in community development and governance, regardless of the political party in office. Therefore, in recent times when a group of young and mostly unemployed men from South West St Ann were told by members of the political directorate that if they were not on the voters' list, they would not be given the opportunity to take part in a local football programme to be funded by the said persons, I was appalled.

In a rural constituency such as South West St Ann, there is a steady increase of unemployment, and next to no development, as over the years successive administrations have failed to develop the area. This has left some to live in abject poverty and increasing hopelessness.

Needless to say, all opportunities should be given to all youths of the region to properly market themselves and sell their talent at events, even those created by politicians using state funds that are truly community-development programmes.

Shameless acts

It is imperative that we ask ourselves, how much have we really grown if blatant acts like these are still in occurrence? Why should we continue to allow politicians to use monies gained from the Constituency Development Fund for politically development under the guise of 'community development'? Why are these individuals not being held accountable for the shameless victimisation of the people they serve?

Perhaps a law has not been broken, but a clear wrong has been committed, and we must rise from the pedestrian thinking as a people, because there is no need to force enumeration on citizens so that they can enjoy the benefits of being a citizen.

To the political directorate of South West St Ann, we implore you to desist from such an act, as your work or your machinery should be enough to make people enumerate.

If it is that this act is to be continued, we ask that you utilise personal funds, instead of monies gained from the families of the very persons (taxpayers) you are victimising - and then make your rules to give you a political advantage, just not from the office you hold.