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Published:Thursday | November 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Below are comments by readers of to yesterday's story 'Xyhir passes'.

Inspired by Xyhir

At the age of 20, I am inspired by little Xyhir. He was a believer in God at such tender age. He was asking his mother to pray because the devil is sending the pain again. May his soul rest in peace.

- ShallaRich

Strength to bear

I pray that Almighty God will give his parents and family the strength to bear the loss of such a sweet little boy.

- Mesee

Feel sad

I feel so sad ... especially because I also have a young son and know what it's like having your heart walking around with him.

- Nadia

Strong boy

He was a very strong little boy. There's a lot to learn from this child's story.

- kdea

God saw

Poor baby, God saw his suffering and pain. Condolences to his parents, stay strong and continue to pray the way little Xyhir always did.

- The Cat


My condolences to the mother and family. Gleaner, you are doing a fine job.

- Dr Joan Porteous

Lord knows best

So sad to hear about his passing ... he was in my prayers yesterday. The Lord knows best ... I pray his parents will get all the support they need in this time of grief.

- Asiseeit

RIP, Xyhir

I feel this so much. When I read that the mother was asking for prayers, I did just that. God knows best. RIP little Xyhir, RIP.

- Sherls

God's help

Heart goes out to mom, dad and family. May God be an ever present help at this time.

- Anne

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