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Aloha, Jewel!

Published:Thursday | November 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Skewers with shrimp, various types of sausages, cheeses and vegetables was the appetiser served at the Jewel Runaway Bay's official opening dinner last Saturday night in St Ann. - photos by Janet Silvera
Seafood chowder served in a baked bread bowl, brushed with garlic on the inside.
Salad in a bamboo raft.
Lobster caught offshore came out with steak on the side.
Chocolate Moroccan moulded into a volcano on a pineapple upside-down base, served with raspberry sauce.

Janet Silvera, Senior Gleaner Writer


The creative juices of Scott Robbins, general manager of the new Jewel Runaway Bay, flowed freely last Saturday night and this was evident in the culinary fare that he presented.

Robbins wanted a Jamaican-Hawaiian-style luau, so he used long burlap-draped tables on the sand, filled with lots and lots of food. As soon as you sat down, there was food up for grabs.

But the guests who turned out for this historical event weren't about to participate in food grabbing. So instead they reached for the rich offerings of skewers laden with shrimp, various sausages, cheeses and vegetables.

The culinary team used three different types of dips, served in coconut, even while titillating the senses with the appearance of fishermen arriving by boat with freshly caught lobster, ready to be placed on the fire.

Daring others to match their creativity, the new Jewel Runaway Bay had men carrying big cauldron of seafood chowder, which they later served in a baked bowl, brushed with garlic on the inside.

The theme was Hawaiian, and the ingredients most pronounced were coconuts and pineapples.

Bread was served in a coconut palm basket, a work of art by Ivan Anderson, and the most delicious salad was presented in a rustic bamboo raft.

For entree, the culinary team rocked the taste buds with lobster caught offshore and succulent imported steak.

When it came to dessert, it was obvious that the idea was to construct a volcano, spewing sparkling lava.

Using rich dark chocolate, the pastry chef presented a volcanic Moroccan chocolate sitting on a pineapple upside-down base. The base was complemented with raspberry sauce.

It was easy to envision what the taste buds of guests going to this property in the future should expect.