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LETTER OF THE DAY - Undisciplined taxi drivers

Published:Thursday | November 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter to you, taxi drivers, who flout the law.

THERE IS another letter in The Gleaner of November 21, written by 'Waiting in the Line'. I agree 100 per cent with what that writer had to say. The number of offended and outraged 'other drivers' and users of the roads grows exponentially every day, as your behaviour gets more and more disgusting and dangerous.

You have your own set of rules, and those have nothing to do with the law of this country and the road code. Your rules are that you must do everything and anything to 'get there first'. You are a set of callous, undisciplined, ignorant hogs. The only thing you are good at is knowing that you will probably get away with your conduct time and again and may never be prosecuted. You feel that you are above the law, and that other users of the road (not other taxi drivers like you!) must be pushed aside, bored into, disrespected and cursed if they do not allow you to bore them out. You create anger, frustration and sometimes, fear - which I suppose is your ultimate motive and objective.

You drive in the lane to turn right and then try to bore in and turn left or go straight; you drive in the lane to go straight and bore into the right turn lane. You form convoys of disobedience and contempt - two, three, four of you in a line, speeding, blowing your horns and flashing off other drivers as a warning to them to let you proceed and not get in your way. You insult, intimidate and curse anyone who tries to hold you off and keep their place. You are all a severe menace to the very structure of our society. You are a large and growing gang of criminals, simple as that.

Everything illegal

I had the misfortune recently to have to take a taxi, and I took one from a prominent legal taxi company. The driver did all the illegal things I have mentioned (just stopping short of cursing the other drivers who sat in the left lane while he charged down beside them on the right, trying to bore back in at the end of the line).

It seemed not to occur to him that he was putting my life at risk, and I asked him why he did it. I was politely informed that he "has no choice if he wants to make a living". He actually believed that he is perfectly within his rights to do the wrong thing. He also felt that 'God is on my side'. He was just one of many, many more of you who feel that way. What a disaster!

Where will it end?


Kingston 10