Thu | Jun 21, 2018

Headless JLP

Published:Thursday | November 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM


THE JAMAICA Labour Party needs a leader. It has not had one since Edward Seaga.

It is time Mr Andrew Holness stop politicking, election is over and is not due until the next four years. Everytime he opens his mouth, we must all be convinced that he is too immature to lead that great Jamaican political party created by Alexander Bustamante. Instead of working with the Government for the benefit of the people, he continues to make unfounded statements that the People's National Party, a socialist party, does not care for the poor, showing that he does not even understand that socialism is concern for and the upliftment of the poor.

He is even shouting against our final step to Independence, senselessly and childishly arguing that the alleviation of poverty must occur before such consideration and action. Holness is ignoring the fact, confirmed by the Bible, that the poor will always be with us.

Owen S. Crosbie