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Tuesday talk

Published:Thursday | November 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

Where is it?

1. Some are expressing concerns that the upcoming event is being advertised in print as being hosted in a certain parish but at least one radio station is running back-to-back advertisements saying the event will be held in another! They are asking for a clarification from the organisers.

Bad roads

2. Some are predicting that the potholes and generally bad road conditions all across the island will lead to this Government being a one term government, just like its predecessor, unless something is done to address the horrendous road conditions soon.

Fix this soon!

3. Residents have taken to calling the edifice 'The White Elephant'. Some are proposing that before it is allowed to deteriorate any further that the Government enter into talks with the owners, to try and salvage what was such a promising addition to the tourism skyline and offerings.

Watering hole

4. It's a well-known watering hole in the heart of the city and frequented by members of the self-styled LBGT community. One 'closeted member' recently dropped in with his lady-love on his arms, and during the course of the night made a number of disparaging comments about some of the more flamboyant patrons, some say, to impress his girlfriend. Well, things escalated when one of those to whom he was addressing his comments responded by declaring: "A whey you a gwaan like? The whole a we a the same thing!" Well, the closeted one threw a bottle at the speaker, and the speaker responded by throwing a flask of liquid at him. Today, the closeted one is nursing third-degree acidic burns and suffering from horrible facial and bodily disfigurement.

Honey in trouble!

5. Pretty Young Thing gets involved in an affair with a married man of means. He sets her up in a fine apartment and pays all the bills. Whenever he visits the love nest, however, she's always careful to hide her telephone. One night, she leaves it out carelessly as she readies to go out for dinner. He picks it up and starts scrolling through the messages and discovers a slew of messages to at least three other suitors with very explicit sexual content, including pictures of body parts. That's how she ended up in the emergency ward.