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Canco plays its part in nation building

Published:Friday | November 23, 2012 | 12:00 AM
NCB's former and current managing directors (from left) Patrick Hylton, Aubyn Hill, Christopher Wain-Lowe and Rex James.
Lenworth Blake (left) receives his award from Audrey Tugwell Henry.
Kingsley Palmer, owner of Kingsley Palmer Farms and winner of the NCB Nation Builder Award in the Innovation category, (regional and national award) is presented with his trophy by Bernadette Barrow, assistant general manager, Small-Medium Enterprises.
Denese Palmer (left), owner of Southside Distributors Limited and winner of the NCB Nation Builder Award in the Women in Business category, regional and national award, accepts her trophy from Sandra Glasgow, chief executive officer of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica.
Dorothy Ramsay (left), managing director, Canco Limited, with Norman McDonald (centre), chairman and CEO, collecting the top Nation Builder Award from Patrick Hylton, managing director, National Commercial Bank (NCB) at its fifth annual Nation Builder Awards Gala, held at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston, on Sunday, November 18. photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

The 2012 National Commercial Bank (NCB) Nation Builder Award was presented to Canco Limited at a gala event held on Sunday, November 18, at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston.

Canco Limited, which trades under its brands, Linstead Market Jamaica and Ecowells Soil Conditionertraders, were also the regional winners of this year's NCB Innovation Award.

Speaking of the top prize, Norman McDonald, chairman and owner of Canco Limited said, "We were happy to receive this award and honoured to be among the other celebrated nominees."

NCB's annual awards programme is designed to celebrate small and medium-size businesses that demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial performance and strong community involvement and impact.

"It is a pleasure to see strong businesses compete so robustly," said Bernadette Barrow, assistant general manager, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

"At NCB, we are proud to be a part of what makes these businesses sound operators. We recognise the important role that our SMEs play in the strengthening of the Jamaican economy and tonight's winners, in all categories, have displayed the best in practice this year."

In its 26 years of operation, Canco Limited has grown to become a leading producer and exporter of canned ackees and callaloo worldwide.

Having expanded to introduce new products such as soups, jams and chutneys to the local and international markets, the company changed its trading brand from Country Choice to Linstead Market Jamaica in 2006.

"These awards will better establish Canco Limited as a serious company in Jamaica that has, for over 26 years, dedicated itself to making a positive and sustainable contribution to the development of Jamaica." McDonald said.

Company's direction

Asked about his plans for the future of Canco Limited, McDonald replied, "The direction of the company continues to include the development and launch of new products, stronger distribution, locally and overseas, in our core marketplace and, over the medium term, to expand distribution into Europe and other new international markets."

Through its yearly Canco/ Treasure Trading Scholarships to children and staff members, its various community, church and school activities and its funeral, housing and medical grants to staff, Canco Limited has had a great positive impact on the local community.

Other winners were: Kingsley Palmer Farms for the Innovation Award; Essex Valley Communities and Associates for the Start-up Award; Denese Palmer of Southside Distributors for the Woman in Business Award; and St Patrick's Foundation, with the Impact Award, for its service to inner-city communities.