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'Plane' admiration - Community finds pride in Michael Archer's project

Published:Sunday | November 25, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Residents of Top Mountain in Kitson Town, St Catherine, look on as the plane drives through the community. - Ian Allen/Gleaner Photographer

Rasbert Turner, Gleaner Writer

It's a case of ridicule turned to admiration where Michael Archer and his new transportation are concerned.

The Top Mountain, St Catherine community's change in attitude revolves around a derelict aeroplane which Archer modified to be driven on six wheels, powered by a Ford V8 engine.

The 'ground plane' was in full throttle on Thursday when Automotives visited the Top Mountain community.

"Lawd Jesus massa a when you come back? How was the flight? But seriously, this look good and is the first time that I ever see plane driving in this area,'' resident Donovan Major said.

Archer and his crew disembarked from the yellow, green and gold vehicle to applause and favourable comments from community members.

"Mi like how it paint up. This shows that the man dem patriotic and decide to showcase the creativity of Jamaicans. It is a very good thing that is happening for Top Mountain,'' Michelle Banton said while standing at the bar on the road to Wynters Park.

When the vehicle proceeded to Kitson Town Square, scores of persons peeked over fences while others converged on the 'ground plane' and expressed their joy.

"Bwoy, this is a proud moment for us, so right now I even have a battery to give to my brethren as when something good like this happen it must be endorsed,'' Clarence Givans.

The consensus was that Archer's work is a labour of love which is making persons happy.