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Proposal for satisfying IMF conditions

Published:Sunday | November 25, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Soldiers on parade. - Contributed


It is obvious that the future of this country is dependent on us getting an International Monetary Fund (IMF) deal. We have also heard of some of the conditionalities that are proposed by the IMF before they can allow this country to access any funds.

First of all, there is no need to lay off our already poorly paid civil servants because we are paying more than $200 million per year to consultants of the Government to do only God knows what. So, fire all the consultants and save that money. Furthermore, the people did not elect consultants to run the country.

Second, we should look at ridding the police force of at least one-third of its members, because that proportion is either corrupt or non-performing.

The country could also be much better off by disbanding the army. What is its purpose than for taxpayers' money to go towards a large group of men to just train, eat and live freely.

Additionally, what are we doing about those merchants who sell in places like Half-Way Tree and downtown, as well as in Montego Bay, who pay little or no taxes? The country would recover billions of dollars in taxes if these people are threatened with imprisonment.

Finally, if we are as patriotic as we say we are, the Government should ask every man and woman in this country who earns above a certain income to pay a higher proportion of their salaries in taxes for at least two years.

These things I have proposed, Mr Editor, but I have awakened to my senses that I live in Jamaica. God help us. Peace.


Portmore, St Catherine