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Police kill five

Published:Sunday | November 25, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Five men were fatally shot and a policeman shot and injured in incidents in New Town, St Elizabeth, and Red Hills Road, St Andrew over the past 24 hours.

No details have been released about the shooting in St Elizabeth, but the police say four men were killed and they are believed to be major players in the guns-for-drugs trade.

They have been identified as Kenrick Bennett, otherwise called 'Guns' of Parottee, St Elizabeth; Rohan Barrett of Tivoli Gardens, west Kingston, Carlington Wallace and Turine Wallace of New Town, St Elizabeth.

The police say two 9mm pistols and seven rounds of ammunition were seized at the shooting scene.

According to the police 'Guns', along with the other men, was detained on July 5, 2007 by Cuban authorities after they were caught in Cuban waters with seven 9mm pistols, three revolvers and 1,170 rounds of ammunition.

The men were returning from Haiti, where they had reportedly gone to trade 2,000 pounds of marijuana for weapons and ammunition.

Bennett and the other men were subsequently returned to Jamaica and all were charged with conspiracy to transport firearms to Jamaica and conspiracy to export marijuana.

The case was adjourned sine die as the main prosecution witness could not be found to give testimony.

Morning confrontation

In the St Andrew incident, a policeman was shot and injured and a man fatally shot during a confrontation early yesterday morning.

Sources say the policeman was one of two who accosted two men on Red Hills Road early yesterday morning.

While the cop was searching the two men, a third man approached him and pulled a firearm while ordering him to release the men.

The policeman's colleague challenged the armed man and during the shooting, one of the cops and the gunmen were hit.

They were taken to hospital where the man was pronounced dead and the cop admitted.

The other two men escaped while the shooting was taking place.

It is reported that a Glock-19 pistol with three rounds was seized by the police.

Both incidents have been reported to the Independent Commission of Investigations.