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Style moments with Paula

Published:Monday | November 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Paula Kerr-Jarrett
Paula Kerr-Jarrett
Paula Kerr-Jarrett

Known for her philanthropic efforts in the west and contender in the Eastern Hanover constituency, Paula Kerr-Jarrett has catapulted into the limelight as the moderator for CVM's Naked Truth, the newest talk show to hit Jamaican television screens.

No stranger to style and fashion, Paula tells Style Moments that she "lucked out" when it comes to style. "I was blessed to have a fashionista mother who epitomises the very essence of what style conjures up in my imagination. She lives her mantra: You absolutely must wear your clothes, and not allow your clothes to wear you!" As a result, style to Paula, defines femininity with confidence; subtlety and strength. "It is the art of consistency combined with versatility.

Simply put, if you free yourself to be, style becomes an expression about who you are and what you represent at any particular moment." She adds, "Continuously recreated, style will reflect not just your age, stage in life or career but way beyond the de riguer ... capturing with entirety and timeless elegance who you are on any occasion. That's what style means to me."

Paula's style must-haves:

Lipgloss, preferably Chanel Blizzard. A simple pick-me-up for the most tired face.

Gym bag. How you feel in your clothes does matter. Period!

Flats/ballet slippers. Goes with anything and great for travelling.

H2O. Skin is a living organ by the way!

Sunblock. Never leave home without it.

Kaftan. Instant glamour at home or when travelling.

Earrings. These add that simple adornment that we need to look dolled up.

Neat, polished nails. A woman's prerogative.