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Be inspired - Muminar is in session

Published:Monday | November 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Nashauna Drummond, Lifestyle Coordinator

On Wednesday, November 28, at 5:30 p.m, The Devonshire at Devon House will be abuzz with busy moms. They will not be there primarily to share baby stories, but to be empowered in ways to achieve emotional wellness.

Leading the charge will be mom and life expert Akilah Richards, founder of Life Design Agency and Excumma.

Richards said that one of the biggest surprises for young mothers, is to suddenly realise that they are emotionally being pulled by another person in ways far more demanding than any other relationship they have ever experienced.

She told Flair that for the Muminar, with an enrty fee of $1,500, they will be focusing on self-inquiry, stress management/triggers, and how to stay connected to one's own needs while juggling various facets of life - work, motherhood, etc.

In highlighting the importance of the interaction, she explained, "Oftentimes, young mothers feel like they are alone with some of the emotions they experience. We can't operate in emotional vacuums. We need to express ourselves, and learn about various methods for managing the unique challenges of motherhood."

Richards also said that a woman's adjustment to motherhood is dependent on her support system and their mindset. "Some women can adjust well over a short time because they have other women they can share with, and perhaps a supportive partner. Others may have a harder time if they are not able to address their own needs while simultaneously nurturing a new being."

Richards highlighted a number of tools that women can use. "Prioritising time for herself is one of the best things a new mother can do. Even a simple thing as taking a bath twice a week and just soaking her body in the tub with a good magazine is a great way to reconnect with herself and her own interests at the end of a hectic day. Essentially, anything that gives her an opportunity to listen to her own thoughts and check in with her own body is a vital step in minimising the stressors that accompany motherhood."

Lack of balance

She noted that the work-life balance is one of the main causes of women losing sight of their goals. "There is no balance between work and life; there is only you. Our work is to seek harmony, not balance between our interests, responsibilities, and needs. Some days will be unbalanced, and that is OK. If you think of the various aspects of your life as a symphony, each with its own sound, its own cadence, its own voice, then you can value your job for what it does, but not so much that you drown out the voice of your child, husband, or yourself. Seek to create a harmony most days, and dispel the myth of balance so that you can create a structure for bringing yourself back to harmony on those days when inevitably, things are off centre."

Imparting these and other tools she explained is the idea behind the Muminar. "The goal of this Muminar is to give mothers practical tools and relevant insights on tools for stress management, to shine a light on the value of self-inquiry, self-prioritisation, and making room in one's life to actually enjoy the fruits of all that hard work."

While happy in her role helping other mothers, this wasn't what she envisioned doing with her life. "I didn't have a specific thing that I wanted to be growing up. I just imagined myself in a big office in a tall building, making important decisions."

It was at the age of 25 while pregnant with her first daughter, working as a file clerk at a law firm and studying to enter law school that she had an epiphany. "I knew that law wasn't a passion of mine, and I knew I was pursuing something lucrative instead of embodying something that felt divine and very much a part of my being. One day in the file room, I swore I heard my baby (who was then about five-six months in utero) ask me if she could be herself for a living. I questioned my own professional pursuits, and decided then to stop doing work that was just about money, and start doing more of what I loved (and still love), which is to write books about my interests, and to share and learn with and from women who value self-expression, self-care, motherhood, and overall wellness."

And, today, that's exactly what she does. "Today, thankfully, I'm never stuck in one building, and I help women make better decisions about their personal and professional lives."

For more information contact youngmummydiaries@gmail.com.