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Making scents

Published:Monday | November 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM
The Gold Leaf line from the Thymes brand has a light but lasting scent.
The Thyme brand also carries products for babies. - photos by Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer
Reed diffusers are an ideal way to permeate the air with your favourite scent.
The Kimono Rose scent from Thymes includes scented candles, lotion, perfume and bath soap.

Sacha Walters-Gregory, Staff Reporter

Inhale and smell the soothing, sweet and relieving scents of green tea and cucumber, mango mandarin and eucalyptus oil - now allow them to take you away.

Whether you are in your home or at your desk, if you are a scent junkie or need a pick-me-up because you are feeling down, a reed diffuser is an excellent way to invite scents into your day.

"Using the reed diffuser is a natural process of scenting your space," explained Monique Blake-Makyn owner of Scentlicious Boutique, an intimate scent store, tucked inside a complex on Ardenne Road.

It's a three-piece product with a decorative bottle which holds the scented oil and natural pieces of wood which soak up the liquid. Diffusion does the rest, transporting your favourite scent particles straight to your nostrils.

She added it also has practical uses, "Say, for instance, you have a stuffy nose, eucalyptus oil in general clears stuffiness." However, there are a myriad of other scented oils which can evoke the cosy Christmas feeling, like cinnamon. According to Blake-Makyn, one that is popular among men is lavender rain. Baby powder, she also noted, is a very subtle scent, ideal for those who have sinus issues.

Other scents include Hawaiian breeze, lily of the valley, Japanese cherry blossom and jasmine.

"Because the bottles are cute, it adds to the d├ęcor, wherever you place it," she said.

The flameless product is ideal for your office and when you are unable to attend to a lit scented candle in your home. But for those times when a scented candle is best, the boutique stocks a wide range of those to include floating flower- and fruit-shaped candles for candle lovers.

Blake-Makyn, who opened the shop approximately four months ago, said that the soothing scents of the candles are a great scent option for your home, one of their signature candle brands is from the Thymes line, a line which - based on their research - they carry exclusively in Jamaica.

"We carry the lavender and kimono rose scents in that brand," she said, "The unique touch of these candles is that the scent diffuses only when you burn them and each candle has up to 60 hours burn time."

But Blake-Makyn is taken by the brand out of the United States which offers a range of bath, body care, fragrances and home scents.

Their perfumes are highlights for Blake-Makyn, who currently carries one of their premium perfumes called Gold Leaf.

"The scents are noticeable yet mild and long-lasting," she explains. Although unknown to many Jamaicans, she said, once they try an item in the brand, women come in and purchase other products in the scent line.

Scentlicious Boutique also carries a range of traditional perfumes and colognes for women and men, bath washes and body products.

Contact information:11 Ardenne Road, Shop C9, Kingston 10. Tel: 813-5465 or 631-8203.