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Teaching life lessons - December's 'Over the Rainbow' takes aim at educating the population

Published:Tuesday | November 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Working Initiatives and Resources for Empowerment and Development (WIRED), a Christian faith-based organisation, has, for the past eight years, been involved in offering hope, truth and healing to persons dealing with, and affected by, sexual and relational 'brokenness'.

This mandate has led the ministry into conducting workshops and seminars on issues such as abortion, pornography, sexual abuse, same-sex attraction and divorce, to name a few.

From December 6-9 at the Theatre Place, on Haining Road in New Kingston, WIRED will stage the musical Over The Rainbow - Untold Stories Of Freedom.

talented CAST

The production, directed by Craig McNally, will boast a talented cast of 16, with choreography by Chyna Lowe, and musical direction by Anthony Walker.

Over the Rainbow will attempt to mirror the realities of persons impacted by the issue of homosexuality, while addressing other contemporary societal issues such as sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS, bullying, poor family systems, rights and orthodoxy.

Over the Rainbow, which opens only a few days after World AIDS Day, will also bring into focus the National HIV/STI Control Programme's priorities of access to prevention education, and a strong multisectoral response to the epidemic.

The play attempts to encourage audiences to translate their awareness of safer sex practices into sustained behaviour change. Each character in the show tells a story of perseverance, loss, regret, faith and the need to find community.

The Over The Rainbow cast includes: Renard Anderson, Susie Braham, Maresha Hall, Travis Muschett, Claion Robinson, Anthony Rocker, Raquel Russell, Kenrick-Alexander Sharpe, Joshauna Small, Jon-Marc Talbot, Asheed Walford, Kacy West, Dalton Williams, and Marcus Williams.