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'A Betta Tomorrow' electrifies

Published:Tuesday | November 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM
The energetic Judith Gayle doesn't slow down for anyone.
DJ Nicholas

Barrington Flemming, Gleaner Writer


DJ Nicholas and Judith Gayle were electrifying as they brought the curtains down on the third instalment of Betta Tomorrow concert at the Dump Up Beach, Montego Bay, on Sunday morning, which left hundreds of exhausted patrons, happy.

People jumped, blew horns, waved rags and handkerchiefs, throughout Saturday night, as they were unabashed in their appreciation of the performances.

The two rode on a wave of high-energy performances from a strong group of young gospel ministers, some of whom not only delighted with songs, but also gave words of exhortation seeking to win souls, especially those of the young in western Jamaica.

Gayle, who performed earlier, won the hearts of the people with a set which included songs such as He brought Me Out, Thank You Lord and I Believe In a God.

Nicholas could do no wrong and, from the moment he hit the stage, the energy reached fever pitch as he reeled off hits such as Cut It Off, Back to the Owner, Sin Plus Sin, Holy Ghost Gym, Nah Gi Up Mi God fi Nutten and teamed with Gayle for two songs, one of which was Daddy O.

A deacon, Nicholas also gave an exhortation urging both the saved and unsaved to surrender their mind, body and souls to Jesus Christ.

Kevin Smith, gospel artiste and producer of A Betta Tomorrow, said the vision he received from God in 2010 to preach to the people of Montego Bay in the form of a concert has been growing in significance, as the message of salvation is needed now more than ever.

"It is really a rough time, but God is seeking to do a work here through all these people, who have come to deliver a message of hope and unity, to breathe new life into what people may claim to be dead situations. He is the Master of life and the young people who are clinging to some situations that seem desperate need to hear the news that God can do all things through their faith," said Smith.

riveting performance

Smith, who also gave a riveting performance while launching his latest album, aptly titled A Betta Tomorrow, testified of his struggles with masturbation for years and his subsequent victory.

"God told me that I needed to avail myself of His strength and that is what I did, and masturbation gone and it nah come back."

Steven and Tifanny Blake, son and daughter of the renowned gospel artiste and founder of Sold Out Ministries International, Paul Blake, performed as Anavah Love Jones.

Anavah stands for humility and Jones, for the grace of God, the meeting of the words, giving the definition, humility with the love and grace of God.

New Destiny, a girls' quartet from Trelawny, combined tight harmony with melodious voices to thrill during a short stint. This was especially so during their rendition of A Father Who Will Never Ever Fail Me - a Nigerian number.

An emotional Claudius England shared his testimony with the audience. According to England, five years ago, he and wife had contemplated aborting their son (Teige - now five years old), but after having heard from God, a number of persons including Christina Milford (a Christian and the founder of The Pregnancy Resource Centre), they decided to keep the child. He broke down in tears after his performance.

Milford shared briefly, exhorting people to be pro-life, citing that God has a purpose for every individual.

There were purpose-filled and positive performances from Kevin Downswell, Jason Mighty, Omari, Jermaine Edwards, England, Dunamis Reignz, Rondell Positive, and others.

Sixty-year-old Iona Hayles told The Gleaner she was happy to be at the concert, despite the fact that it was primarily catering to the young.

For Clayton Blake, a student at the Manchester-based Northern Caribbean University, the concert was one with a difference.

"A better tomorrow concept is a good one. I believe in it, and other young people like it," said Blake.