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ETTER OF THE DAY - Ministers have a right to their perks

Published:Tuesday | November 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Thanks to Pat Williams Bignall for her Letter of the Day, 'Ostentatious living in a time of austerity', published Friday, November 23, 2012. However, I wonder if all the noise about $60m worth of vehicles is worth it.

It is clear that we are missing a few points here:

1. Ministers of government are ENTITLED to this benefit. It is not an expenditure outside of what they MUST get as professionals.

2. This does not require consultation with the people.

3. It was already in the Budget.

4. Since they came into power, most of them have been driving their own cars and paying for gas that they would normally get as a benefit.

5. You cannot expect politicians, or our chief servants, to do without certain incentives, and at the same time expect them to make so many sacrifices.

6. They must be well paid in order to give us an opportunity to put their butts in jail when they steal.

7. We must stop this negative thinking that politicians should be washed up and so 'humble', to the extent that they have nothing and own nothing.

I am totally against wasteful spending but cannot support a case where those who are in such positions get nothing. No way! Let's stop the rubbish!

I would never work for $6 million for the PM's job. Someone in that office should be well taken care of. It's the highest office in the land, and yet still people are complaining over whether or not a PM must fly first-class.

So what? Should she sit at the back of the plane and wait till it's empty before she gets off, although she is travelling to do business on our country's behalf? RUBBISH!!

too angry to think

When we stoop to this level, we are simply too angry to think.

Bankers in this country steal more than some politicians, and they are paid up to $57 million a year. And its OUR money that's in the bank, yes, OUR money!

Why then should those who serve us get $4 million and no perks when we blame them for even getting pregnant for nine different men?